Kairos Public Schools Innovative Scholars Pathway Home

Who We Are

Welcome to KISP! Also known as the Kairos Innovative Scholars Pathway.  Where scholars, parents, and our team are encouraged to go further in education by partnering together to prepare the next generation of scholars. We believe that every scholar has tremendous potential, and the ability to lead and improve the world we live in.
  • HomeSchool/ Independent Study
  • Hybrid Learning
  • Parent & Teacher Partnerships

Our Mission

Kairos Innovative Scholars empowers generations of learners and families to make a global community impact through individualized learning opportunities.


About Us

The Kairos Public School’s Innovative Students Pathway (“KISP”). Serving grades K-
8, KISP is a nonclassroom-based program that provides families with the flexibility of
homeschooling, under the supervision of a credentialed teacher. Students may attend
enrichment workshops in the arts, science, music, writing, and hands on math. New
classes are introduced each quarter, designed to challenge and broaden a student’s
experiences. Kairos Public Schools events, field trips, and clubs provide additional
hands-on learning and social experiences for students.